Welcome to a land of magic, mystery, and intrigue.

At the moment, a lot of the world and major towns are mutable at the moment.
Why don’t you join the planning and help form a campaign in potentia?

A System-neutral campaign setting is [one of] the goal[s] at the end.

Note: This version of the campaign setting will be using a more liberal outlook on character creation while striving to maintain the power balance within a Pathfinder/3.5 typical class system.

Note 2: Character Creation Guidelines (Also in the table of contents on the Wiki tab – Main Page)

Status Update:
A person is incoming… Rough Progress Below.
Player recruitment is presently open on invitation only due to some players not showing up.

Mechanic Support: Escriba (Skype). Unmog(OP)
Campaign Developer: Fred Arrue (Facebook), Gnome (Skype)
Campaign Overseer: Darkfire (Skype), Dark_Flame(OP)
Campaign Gerrymanderer: [oGs] Mouse (Skype)

Prospects (not players as of yet):
David the grim one (Skype): Progress, 3 false start, present render: ??% done


Aetherian Chronicles

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