Kabili the Pandapur

They're quite the performer depending on whom you ask.





1, 3, Tradgedy, Debt
11, 8, Personal Enlightenment, Intelligence +2
10, 12, 8 Cupid, Kid, and married
3, 4 Windfall, someone owes
3, 9 Windfall, Pet
4, 5 Windfall, Fame
3, 3 Windfall, someone owes
10, 1 Cupid, 1 week casual dating for a year
4, 3 Windfall, someone owes
4, 1 Windfall, financial boon
8, 12 Enemy, intelligent creature, light/angelic, busted, annoyed, them
6, 4 Friend, partner and co worker, gang 40

My story starts out when I’m in an orphanage, they were abusive to me there so Im like the singing orphan Annie. The sun’ll come out, tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar, that tomorrow there’ll be suuuun~ So I run to the circus, I fall into debt. There I meet a teacher who I spend time with, and go to school. Later I meet someone, have a kid and we marry. Stuff happens, someone owes me something, I get a pet, and become somewhat famous. Someone else also owes me something. Then I go on a slew of sexy dates with a LOT of people over the course of a year, seeing each person for about a week before seeing someone else. Someone else owes me something, I win some money. I make the enemy of a Aassimar, or some other light/celestial creature by getting them in trouble with the law for false reasons. They’re annoyed by me anytime Im around. Then I make the friend of some people at work, which is about the size of 40 people. Perhaps the circus.

Kabili the Pandapur

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