A giant metropolis that is imbued with many great and obscure magicks.
It is home to 7 million hominids and over 13 million sentient beings in total.
This total does not include the few million that travel here for trade or other business.

This city will be where the game begins, with your characters having no recollection as to how they wound up here.

- Further information withheld until discovered by the players -

The Black Obelisk – Central District, Government

District 0 – Secret District

District 1 – Ziburr Wists (Cyber Wastes)
District 2 – Xurkez Mixomez (Circus Maximus)
District 3 – Taux Pueblodin (Starting District)
District 4 – Noturia Park (Aelfen Forest)
District 5 – Sprawlthe (Undercity)



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