Cliff Notes version 1

Some adventures fought the Tarrasque

But could not kill the thing, so they decided to turn it into a town.

It has since undergone radical fleshsculpting magicks and other modifications to turn it into a living moving fortress.

It currently roams the northern wastes of the world, and provides economically for it’s citizens in various ways.
Pimputires – Homes have been erected into spires sculpted into it’s hide.
Magmoils – Submerged pockets in the hide that provide molten materials for forging or hot springs.
Bio-Electric Control Center – A Giant throne accepted at the head to pilot the beast, with other ornamental chairs for coordinating with the exterior crew and civilians.

Outside of these main features, the town has technology mostly on par of what is expected in the 1970’s.

Other features are known to exist, but the details are contradictory or unverifiable at this time.
As most potent magic is harnessed in operating and modifying the Tarrasque, magic is at a minimum in the town in itself.


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